A journey through the mathematical theory of braids

The movie has been realized by Ester Dalvit at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Trento.

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Composition and editing by Raul Masu


ANR Theogar

Thanks to

Paolo Bellingeri, who made the proposal of a movie about braids, taught me a lot about braid theory and continues to support me.
Mimmo Luminati, who was the first enthusiastic supporter of my work.
Maria Dedò, who encouraged me in the realization of the movie.
Roland van der Veen, who gave very relevant comments.
Aurélien Alvarez for discussion about the realization of mathematics documentaries.
Patrick Dehornoy, who invited me to Caen the first time and made it possible for this project to become true.
Lilli Fragneto, who saw an earlier version and gave me advice about artistic issues.
Damiana Lerose, who played the music for the first version.
Silvia de Toffoli, with whom I discussed about topology and visualization.
Robin Scott, who was the voice for the first English version and revised the texts in English.
Beatrice Uber, who is the voice in the Italian version and gave me advice on how to speak for recording.
Philippe Humbert, who translated part of the movie in French.
Pietro Peterlongo, who recorded the French version of chapters 1 and 2.


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